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Today is Jan 24, 2020
Irene Soon
Senior District Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3002382K / R004487G
Call (+65) 8383 5050 - (+65) 8383 5050
About Me
My Business Philosophy.... 
(if you care to know)

Real estate advisors aren’t only for families who are looking for homes. We can also be important allies for investors like you who are eager to uncover new properties to buy. Some sellers may think advisors find the right buyer for their home; buyers think we find the home for them to buy, and this is where our value lies. Not true. 

I personally feel that the true value lies in advice on the proper way to stage a home, market it, and most importantly, negotiate all the details of the purchase and sale agreement, and then keep that agreement together through closing.

A good advisor can save you thousands of dollars if you are buying and/or make you thousands if you're selling. I recommend interviewing three agents before selecting one. Choose one you think is knowledgeable and with whom you will get along during the extensive process of buying or selling. Remember, these things take time, sometimes months, to put together all the details and finalize everything. I will need to be able to communicate well with you if it's going to be a great experience. 

An advisor like me who knows your investing priorities will be out there working for you every day, culling through new property listings on your behalf, or tell you about properties before other investors hear about them.

I wish you the best on your buying or selling journey (hopefully with me of course). 

My Background and Experience.... 
(just in case you wish to know)

My career of more than 17 years in Advertising, Exhibition, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service has led me to specialize increasingly in the management of complex multi-facet business projects with customers from all nationalities, cultures & levels. 

I am also experienced in strategic forward-planning; operating within the tight financial disciplines imposed by ambitious budgets which I have helped to plan; methodical administration to deadlines (not to speak of crisis management where necessary); and the application of modern leadership methods (through staff/peer motivation and involvement in both decision-making and target-setting, clarity in communication, and easy personal inter-relations). 

My cosmopolitan working background and analytical interests in sales & business cultures, together with a command of several languages & Chinese dialects, have also left me confident in handling negotiations that require the reconciliation of different situational approaches to otherwise common problems. 

All these above valuable experience & ample expertise of mine are so vividly contributing to my current Real Estate cum Property consultation business.

Why Should You Even Consider My Services…. 
(this I need you to know)

1. I will share news on the market trend
2. I will listen and analyze your wants and needs
3. I will guide you to buyers/sellers that fit your criteria
4. I will coordinate the work of other needed professionals
5. I will negotiate on your behalf
6. I will review paperwork and deadlines
7. I will offer solutions for any problems that may arise to the best of my ability that leads to a  win - win for everyone.

There is one more - I love working with all my prospects, especially first time buyers. There are few things more rewarding than turning over the keys to a new homeowner. And most importantly, I am a very hardworking and yet happy real advisor; non pushy or arrogant.

Winning Key: All these above work & consultations are made available for you at only a small percentage of service fee. And basically if there is no deal made for you, I don’t get anything either. But knowing your time and opportunity given to me is precious, I will want your trust in me well-rewarded. 

What Can I Exactly Do For You….
(seriously, no kidding, you know?)

Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or sell your current abode, you will need to find a real estate advisor you trust. Good real estate advisors will be able to assist you with either process; however, there may be unique considerations depending on whether you are buying or selling property. The following are some issues I think you should consider before choosing your next Real Estate Advisor:

Buying a new house...

When buying a new home, you want to find a real estate advisor who is consistently able to negotiate a lower sale price than the seller's original listing price. Having me not only checking on current market pricing, but also talking with neighboring home owners for actual ground situation is often a useful way to help negotiating such deals. Thus while searching for a new home; I will first get totally familiarized with the area where you are looking to buy. With sure, I will be able to specifically steer you toward certain neighborhood blocks most suited to your needs and price range.

I, as your selected advisor will effectively and promptly communicates with you. Often, sales need to be negotiated in a timely manner to prevent other potential buyers from undercutting your offer and impair your ability to secure the property of your dreams. Additionally, there will be documents, inspections and reports requiring prompt attention throughout the buying process. Therefore I will conscientiously and effectively help you through this process when purchasing your new home.

Selling your property...

A good selling advisor will thoroughly and objectively evaluate your property and suggest a fair listing price in the given housing market. When selling property, communication skills are as important, if not more important, than when buying property. Selling one's property is inherently stressful. People want to receive the greatest return for their investment. Criticism from buyers in the form of lower than expected offers or exorbitant repair requests heighten this level of anxiety. Having an advisor who promptly returns phone call and correctly answers questions is a key ingredient to a successful experience. 

Therefore I, as your selected advisor will be able providing you with suggestions for low cost improvements to improve your chances of quickly selling your property at a better price. You will be ensured with my best ability to fairly evaluate minor changes that will improve the look and feel of your home. Additionally, while preparing you for the sale of your home, I will identify any major property defects that might impede you ability to quickly sell the home. In the event major repairs or renovations need to be completed prior to listing or selling the home, it is my duty to suggest competent and affordable professionals for your perusal and easy selection.

Final Considerations

Above all else, find an advisor you like and trust. You want an advisor who carefully considers your needs and would never push you into making a deal to suit their interest in a commission. An excellent real estate advisor will be mindful of the importance of maintaining good relationships with their clients in order to preserve their client-base and obtain referrals for years to come.

I hope and aspire to fit this bill, and most importantly your bill !

Irene Soon … Your Free Hold Partner !

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